Sports Market Facts

The Sports Market is Huge

  • $1.3T Global sports Market
  • $7B on youth sports travel in the US alone
  • 1B+ youth and recreational players
  • 650M sports fans on Facebook
  • 200M sports fans on Instagram
  • 60% of Twitter’s traffic is sports related
  • China and North America dominate fan numbers

It’s Evolving and Fragmented

  • Sports TV networks losing viewers & money fast
  • Fans moving online without a “go to” destination
  • Sports content marketing becoming increasingly sophisticated
  • Fan activity spread across multiple social networks
  • Teams, brands and companies unable to identify and engage fans and audiences
  • Teams must now pay to access their own Facebook communities
  • China and North America dominate fan numbers

The Sports TV Model is Finished

  • Fatally expensive rights ($66 Billion just to acquire 22 RSN’s with 44 pro-sport teams)
  • Completely failed to harness social media effectively
  • In a single year (2016):
    • Sky Sports viewers dropped by 19%
    • ESPN viewers dropped by 17%

Fans have Moved Online

  • Online sharing of sports clips rose by +40% (2016)
  • 672 million: Tweets sent during the 2014 Soccer World Cup
  • 43.4 million: Tweets sent during the 2015 Super bowl

Digital vs TV Advertising Revenue


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